Why Choose Porcelain Tiles?

Porcelain tiles are created with a material that has 0.5% rate of water absorption. This is ideal for renovations and decorating within areas such as bathrooms, shower stalls, and kitchens because of this absorption feature. These tiles can either have the slick look of being glazed, or the rustic earthy look of being unglazed. These tiles can also come in full body or double loaded.
Although porcelain has been used for making tiles for many years, only modern production methods and quantities has allowed the porcelain tile to become available to the average householder. Come to The Mosaic and Tile Depot to find the finest collections of porcelain tiles.


Wood Series

Alpine Collection

Bamboo Series

Our Porcelain Collections


Have a contemporary taste with an exotic flair. Get the perfect blend of both with our porcelain collections inspired by the latest European trends. Click on each series to get descriptions and details.
Are you a person who likes to try before you buy? Contact us to ask about our product samples. We offer this option to both home owners and professional businesses so that you can see and feel each product before making a final decision.


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